Elan Keshen
Elan Keshen
 · Marketing @Magical

Using templates with placeholders

To create powerful, personalized messages, Magical can automatically fill your templates with pieces of information from your open tabs.

Creating information labels 

This step is optional as many popular sites like LinkedIn already have many information labels you can use like First Name, Last Name, Employer, etc. To create custom information labels, follow this guide: Discover information labels.

Create a template with information placeholders

Navigate to your Magical home or click the Templates tab from the Magical panel. Select Create Template. Type your message and add the information placeholders you’d like to use from the picker below.


Type // to use your template anywhere

Navigate to anywhere you send messages like Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. Type // and select your template from the dropdown. If your template contains placeholders, the message modal will pop up and suggest information from your open tabs to automatically fill your message with. 

Watch information labels in action 👇