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Stephanie liked 8 days ago
Welcome to Magical Academy! I'm so excited that you're here. My name is Kate and, along with Zach Piepmeyer, Harpaul Sambhi, and Rosie Chopra, we'll be your guides for your magical journey. Magical Academy is a safe space for all... (More)
Russell commented a day ago

Hey Nick! Magical has not yet built out support for Google Docs yet, but that's weird that it stopped working on Gmail! Can you confirm that it's still not working on Gmail, and if so, can you answer a few... (More)

Harpaul commented a day ago
I've been using Magical for several months now, but suddenly, i can not access to the platform nor use the shortcuts, is there a way to access again?
Dominique liked 2 days ago
Magical Pro Beta is just a few more days from launch! Check out the video below to see all the features you'll be able to access soon :) If you signed up for our beta program, keep an eye out... (More)