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saba liked 8 days ago
Welcome to Magical Academy! I'm so excited that you're here. My name is Kate and, along with Zach Piepmeyer, Harpaul Sambhi, and Rosie Chopra, we'll be your guides for your magical journey. Magical Academy is a safe space for all... (More)
Michiel commented 3 days ago
🚨ANNOUNCING TEXT VARIABLES!! 🚨 Do you have "XXXX" or "____" in your shortcuts as placeholders for names, totals, or any other information that you fill in after expanding your shortcut? Now, you can add text variables in your shortcuts ... (More)
Andrew updated 4 hours ago
Andrew Yu
graduated cylinder
I've been playing around with the tags feature and I love it! Really helps with my ever-expanding list of shortcuts. Feature request - if I'm filtering shortcuts with only one tag, I'd love for any new shortcuts I create to... (More)
Matheus updated 8 hours ago