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wei liked 7 days ago
Welcome to Magical Academy! I'm so excited that you're here. My name is Kate and, along with Zach Piepmeyer, Harpaul Sambhi, and Rosie Chopra, we'll be your guides for your magical journey. Magical Academy is a safe space for all... (More)
I have ONE shortcut that is no longer working. On my chromebook I can't get this letter: ù (u with an 'accent grave'); so I created a shortcut but pasting in an ù from somewhere else. It no longer makes... (More)
Ana commented 15 hours ago
Hello Magical team, I posted an inquiry 10 days ago about Magical shortcuts containing variables having a slight latency problem, but then when version 3.22.7 was released the latency was solved entirely and I was satisfied, but now when version... (More)
Brian followed 2 days ago
Hi! Some of my shortcuts aren't working. They do not populate when I type them in. I've noticed it hasn't been working with the shortcuts with variables.