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rita followed 3 days ago
Welcome to Magical Academy! I'm so excited that you're here. My name is Kate and, along with Zach Piepmeyer, Harpaul Sambhi, and Rosie Chopra, we'll be your guides for your magical journey. Magical Academy is a safe space for all... (More)
Georgina commented 3 days ago
Introductions! Make a post in the Getting Started topic to help us get to know you better. Some fun questions for inspiration: - What is your current role? - Where are you currently located? - What's your favorite thing about... (More)
Zach liked 2 days ago
🎉NEW FEATURE PREVIEW! 🎉 Want to add fillable information into your shortcuts? I might just have the perfect solution for you! Check out this video: Some questions for your feedback: 1️⃣ First impressions! What are your thoughts? 2️... (More)