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Dominique liked 2 months ago
Welcome to Magical Academy! I'm so excited that you're here. Need help? Sign up for a live webinar: Check out our community topics: 👋 Getting started Meet your Magical peers, introduce yourself, and get started with our community! Can'... (More)
Raffaello commented 8 hours ago
I'm unable to make changes to my pre-existing shortcuts on my Magical extension, after making my amendments on them and pressing save, it says the Shortcut saved but after scrolling the page, the changes gets reverted. Any idea what would... (More)
Scott commented 21 hours ago
Hi all - the Magical panel will not go away when using the Whatsapp desktop version in Chrome. Clicking on the X does nothing and it will not retract. Can you advise how to fix this? It really gets in... (More)
Fabio commented a day ago
Hi everybody.

I would like to know how can I put photos on shortcuts.
I would really like if you reply urgently.