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Jeff followed a month ago
Welcome to Magical Academy! I'm so excited that you're here. My name is Kate and, along with Zach Piepmeyer, Harpaul Sambhi, and Rosie Chopra, we'll be your guides for your magical journey. Magical Academy is a safe space for all... (More)
العربي commented 13 hours ago

I want to import my macros from Autohotkey to Magical, any way I can do that without copy and paste?
Kate commented 19 hours ago
Jeff Conner
Director of Efficiency
The drop down function could really use some renovation. It would be WONDERFUL if the drop down menu could be reconfigured or organized so you could have easy access to the types of shortcuts or variables you're looking for. Specifically,... (More)
Kate commented 19 hours ago
This is working awesome, but not performing as intended with the platform You assign content to rows (like in the example transfer, AirBNB > Google Sheets), but it just erases the assigned variables so you can't easily repeat entry.... (More)