Elan Keshen
Elan Keshen
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New: AI Reply | Never write an AI prompt again

Thu, Sep 14

Never write an AI prompt again - let AI Reply for you. | Magical AI

AI Reply lets you start a message with auto-drafted responses. To any conversation, instantly. This works across various applications such as Gmail, Slack, LinkedIn, Zendesk, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and more coming soon. All it takes is a single click.

These suggestions originate from either your existing templates within Magical or, in cases where no template is available, AI will generate a reply for you — all based on the context of your conversation.

When to use AI Reply

  1. Reply with 1-click to personal and professional conversations

    Every response you draft now starts with 1 click, not typing for hours. And it works anywhere you have conversations - LinkedIn, GMail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Zendesk and more coming soon.

  2. Use AI without the “prompt”

    Use suggested templates from your personal library, without having to learn to prompt AI to write. AI Reply understands the conversation contexts and offers a smart suggestion to resolve every conversation quickly.

  3. Coach your team live, in every conversation

    Managers no longer need to monitor each conversation to make sure their team uses the right message. Now, AI Reply trains and onboards your team for you with intelligent coaching, in real-time.

Learn more here.