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Joyce Hsieh
Joyce Hsieh
 · Marketing @Magical

What are company workspaces and teams?

If you sign up to Magical with your work email address, you will be prompted to either create a company workspace or join an existing company workspace if one already exists for your domain. 

A company workspace is where you will curate a shared library of your teams best templates and automated workflows. You can create various teams within your company workspace to help keep your templates and transfers organized. 

How to create a company workspace

If you skipped signing up for a company workspace during sign up, you will also be able to create a one from within Magical. Please click on Create Workspace from the left-side nav under your Private workspace. 

How to join a company workspace

If someone on your domain has already created a workspace, you will be prompted to join them. Click the Join workspace button from the left-side nav to join your company's workspace.