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Joyce Hsieh
Joyce Hsieh
 · Marketing @Magical

How to invite coworkers to a team

Magical works better when you share it with your coworkers! Invite coworkers so they can access all your shared templates and transfers instantly. 

When a coworker signs up for Magical with your shared work email, they will automatically be prompted to join your company's workspace.

You can also invite your coworkers to join specific teams in Magical.

How to invite coworkers to a team

  1. Navigate to the team workspace where you'd like to invite coworkers 

  2. Click on the invite coworkers link from the right-side of the screen

  3. Either copy the link to share it with your team or enter your coworkers emails to send them an invite via email. Click Send

  4. Once your coworkers accept the invite, they will be prompted to either sign up for Magical if they do not have a Magical account or Join the team if they already have a Magical account.