Harpaul Sambhi
Harpaul Sambhi
 · Founder at Magical

Paid Plans for teams & companies

Hey everyone,

I want to personally share some updates to Magical’s pricing and plans that are coming soon.

When Magical started, we set out to eliminate soul-crushing tasks. Our investment in this goal means creating plans that suit diverse users, teams, and companies. In other words, we are using the investment from paid plans to build more tools that help you automate more tasks.

The new plans will begin to be offered and upheld starting in October 2023 for users with email addresses affiliated with a company. You will be notified by email and in Magical when paid plans become available to you and usage limits are upheld.

We understand many companies are planning their 2024 budgets and we want to ensure you have Magical's pricing information early. Keep reading below, or send this to the person on your team who makes budget decisions and cc us - sales@getmagical.com.

What is changing?

Starting in October, there will be 4 plans available. Free, Core, Advanced, and Enterprise.

For companies that have 5+ employees in your workspace, we recommend the Advanced plan. The Advanced plan will allow all your team members to use unlimited Template actions and it will give the team admin the ability to control team membership and edit team content. If this sounds like you, contact our team at sales@getmagical.com.

See more details about all the available plans below ⬇️
NOTICE: The following information and plans are subject to change. If paid plans are already made available to your account, please refer to your Magical account to review your allotted template actions on the free plan.

When will this impact you?

Starting in October 2023, new plans will begin to be introduced for users with emails that are associated with an organization.

Not all users will start seeing the usage tracking and paid plans available at the same time. You will receive an in-product notification and email when your usage begins to be counted and the plans become available to you. You will also receive a notification as you approach the maximum number of actions available in your plan to give you a heads-up.

Why are we creating paid plans?

Over the past three years, Magical has built the productivity app you've come to love. With Magical, you can now automate messaging and expand text with Templates, move info across the web with Transfers, and use ChatGPT in your workflow with AI Assist. Up until now, it has all been free.

We get it, spending money isn't fun. Neither are boring tasks. That's why we are going to use these plans to further invest in eliminating more soul-crushing work with advanced automations.

I want to say thank you. Thank you for believing in Magical and using us as a way to get your work done faster.

Speak soon,

Founder & CEO

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is Magical still free?

    • Yes - Magical has a free plan! The free plan has a lifetime allotment of basic and advanced actions. There is no time limit!

  2. What counts as 1 Template Action?

    • Any time you use a template (previously known as shortcuts) on a website counts as 1 template action.

  3. What counts as 1 Automation?

    1. Transfer Actions

      • Any time you click “Transfer … ” to move information into spreadsheets, or website forms - that counts as 1 advanced action. The first time you fill info on a site does not count. When you transfer multiple pieces of information or do so from multiple open website tabs - that still counts as only 1 advanced action.

    2. AI Actions

      • AI Reply - Clicking Yes / No / Custom in Gmail or LinkedIn counts as 1 advanced action.

      • AI Assist - Writing a prompt and then pressing enter to generate a message counts as 1 advanced action.

    3. Enrichment Actions - Reveal emails of profiles on the web.

  4. Are there extensions for purchase decisions?

    • The free plan doesn’t have a time limit. So you can take as long as you need to decide. If you have specific concerns please contact sales@getmagical.com

  5. What plan am I on until the new plans are available?

    • You will not be on any plan. In other words, use Magical as much as you need and we won’t be counting your usage. You will receive an email when paid plans become available for you.

  6. What discounts and offers are there?

    • Annual Discount - there will be a discounted price if you pay for the whole year at once.

  7. What if I need SSO, SCIM and more customization (i.e. an Enterprise Plan)?

    • We have an enterprise plan for large teams with more advanced and custom needs. Please contact our team (sales@getmagical.com) to discuss your needs.

  8. I'd like to purchase Magical for my team, what control do I have over who is part of a paid plan or not?

    • If you decide to purchase Magical for your team, you will be able to approve who from your team is on the plan and who is not, giving you control over your budget.