Elan Keshen
Elan Keshen
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What is Magical?

Welcome! We're glad you're here πŸ’š

Magical is a productivity app that speeds up repetitive tasks like messaging or data entry. You don't need any integrations, APIs, or magic wands to get started. Just download the Chrome or Edge extension and you're all set.Β 

If you're new to Magical, we recommend you sign up for one of our weekly live demos which will walk you through how to get set up and you can ask any questions.Β 

Learn about common use cases for Magical

Magicians (our users) come up with many creative ways to use Magical but the most common use cases are for:

  • Messaging: Save frequently used text as shortcuts to use in your emails, Inmails, chat, customer support replies, and more. To personalize your messages, Magical can automatically populate a recipient’s details into the placeholder text of your messages.

  • Data entry: Keep databases like a CRM, ATS, Customer Service, or even internal systems updated by auto-filling fields or records with one click.

  • Filling sheets: While researching prospects or sourcing candidates move information from your open tabs into a Google Sheets. No more copy-paste!