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Joyce Hsieh
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Organize your templates with tags

Tags allow you to categorize your templates into custom groupings, similar to folders, enabling you to get organized faster.   

Benefits of Tags

✅ Organize your Templates based on how you work

✅ Share Templates with colleagues even faster when you share by Tag

✅ Filter your Templates by tags to quickly find them

This article will cover

  1. Creating tags

  2. Editing tags

  3. Filtering by tags

  4. FAQs on tags

Want to skip the the article? Just watch this 45 second video here:

1. Creating Tags

Step 1: Select tags from the Magical workspace  and click create new

Step 2: Enter in the tag name and click create and apply

Step 3: Check the box (next to each template) to indicate which templates you'd like to tag

Step 4: Select the tags you would like to apply

Voila, you're done! You can now put those shiny new tags to work and get into organization mode.


2. Editing Tag Names

Step 1: Select tags from the Magical workspace and then select the edit Icon

Step 2: Edit the tag name and click 'Save

The new name will be applied to all the templates with that tag.


3. Deleting Tags

Step 1: Select tags from the Magical workspace and then the delete icon

Step 2: Confirm the deletion

All relevant tags will now be  deleted

4. Filtering by Tags

Step 1: Select filter from the Magical workspace

Step 2: Identify the tags you would like to filter by

Step 3: To unfilter, click 'Reset'


Can I have more than 1 tag per Template?

Yes - you can have more than 1 Tag per Template. For example,  you may choose to group your templates by Use Case (e.g., Outreach), Persona (e.g., Sales), Team Name (e.g., Sales Champions), Company (e.g., Acme Co.) and more.

When I filter by multiple tags, will it show Templates that have any of the Tags I selected, or Templates with all of the tags I selected?

You will see Templates with any of the tags you selected. For example, if you had the tags Recruiting, Messaging, and Personal applied across one or more of your Templates, any Templates with those tags would be displayed if you applied a filter selecting all of them.

Why can't I click the tag button?

In order to create, edit, or delete a tag, you need to select at least one template first.

Can I sort by tags?

Not at this time. You will need to filter by tags instead.