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Elan Keshen
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Create / Import Templates with a CSV upload

You can now create new templates in Magical using a CSV file.

How to upload a CSV to Magical?

  1. Start by identifying your source of templates. For some that may be a spreadsheet, for others it may be Macros or Snippets in another technology.

    1. If it is a spreadsheet - save the file as a CSV.

    2. If it is another tool - look for an export button or contact the administrator requesting a CSV file.

  2. Then, head over to your Magical workspace. Click your icon in the bottom left corner and select Import Templates.

  3. Then select your file or use the drag-and-drop option to upload it.

  4. Map the trigger and the body of the template to the right column.

When to use this?

  1. When you are just starting out on Magical.

  2. When your enablement team or manager sends you a list of new templates to use.