Joyce Hsieh
Joyce Hsieh
 · Marketing @Magical

How to join a team & use team templates

Once you join your company workspace by signing up for Magical with your company email, you can join relevant teams. 

How to join a team

To view shared templates in your company workspace, look for teams on the left side of the workspace screen. Click on the team names to view the templates for that team. Click Join next to the Team name to access these templates later.

If you do not see Teams in your company workspace, learn how to create a team.


How to use team shortcuts 

  1. Open up any app that you typically send messages on. This can be Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Intercom, Zendesk - you name it! If you can open it in a browser window, you can use Magical's templates. 

  2. Type // and you will find all your Private and Team templates in the dropdown. Select the template you want to use. Viola!