Joyce Hsieh
Joyce Hsieh
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What are transfers?

Transfers allow you to move information or data between a source and a destination. Sources and destinations are any web page or web app on the internet.  For example, you may want to move info from LinkedIn (source) to Google Sheets (destination), or ZoomInfo (source) to Salesforce (destination).

If it exists on the internet, you can likely use Magical to transfer info. Here are some examples of websites and apps where you can transfer data to and from.

How to create a transfer

💡 Pro tip: For inspiration on where to use transfers, check out our use cases page.

Watch how to create and use transfers 👇

Will Magical remember my transfers once I complete them?

Yes, Magical will remember your transfers once you complete them, so long as the destination remains the same. For example, if you transferred info from LinkedIn to a specific Google Sheet, Magical will remember how to populate info to that Google sheet from LinkedIn every time. However, if you create a new Google sheet, you may want to setup the transfer once again.

Do I need to have the website or web app open every time I am transferring data?

Yes, the relevant website tab needs to be open in order for Magical to access the correct information. For example, if you were sending an email to Oprah Winfrey 😉 and your template has information from a ZoomInfo profile, you would need to have her ZoomInfo profile open.

Can I transfer data from multiple sources to a single destination?

Yes. You can hit // to enter in data from multiple sources into your destination, but this means you will need to "fill all" individually for every source. You can also move information from multiple similar tabs (example - 3 linkedin profiles) to a sheet.

Will Magical continuously update data for me from my open tab?

No. You will need to open the source (relevant tabs) and key in // in your database/form, or spreadsheet when you would like Magical to fill in the data.