Did not have a lot of time to send all of my feedback so here is a list of things I have thought about more than once in my last year of using Magical:

1. Other language options/formats for date and time macro.
I handle 3 languages in Customer Service and I cannot use the default English format when using a different language that uses a different format (for the sake of not confusing clients).

2. Shortcut usage history.
I have hundreds sh shortcuts and I create/edit, and remove shortcuts every day due to my line of work and constantly evolving content. It is difficult to keep track of my most used shortcuts and the ones I don't use often, and therefore, it is difficult to clean up my shortcuts and reduce their amount to then improve performance (things get laggy when you have hundreds of shortcuts).

3. Workspace category.
Ability to categorize shortcuts by manually moving them with a hold mouse button, so that only the shortcuts of your selected category appear when searching for keywords.
Tags are great but aren't always quick and easy to use and it takes a lot of time to add them to each shortcut.

4. Options to use only 1 character to open the dropdown menu.
I understand why it's currently requiring two characters but I would still prefer to use only 1 specific character which I know I don't use. Or also use TAB, CTRL, etc. Having the option would be nice.

5. "Copy" button next to a shortcut on the Workspace.
Sometimes, I can't find the shortcut I'm looking for using the dropdown menu, in which case, I will search for it in my Workspace. I find it, and since I'm already looking at the shortcut, a simple "Copy" button to copy the content of the shortcut would be quicker than selecting the text and copying or finding the shortcut again but on the dropdown menu. Though I understand that it will not work for macros and variables, most of my shortcuts do not use variables. An "option" would be nice.

6. Sidebar with tags or categories directly in the dropdown menu.
If I want to look for a specific tag in the dropdown menu, I would usually type it out. A small sidebar with "favorite" tags or categories which I could click on to display all related shortcuts would help save some time without having to go through the workspace.

7. Shortcuts archive or/and enable/disable shortcuts.
I often remove, or archive shortcuts by exporting them in a notepad. It would be a lot easier if I could do it directly on Magical so that I can easily and quickly (by a button click) archive or disable/disable shortcuts that are period relevant so that they do not show up when using the dropdown menu.

8. Favourite shortcut sidebar.
Option to have a sidebar with a couple of favorites shortcuts which I can just click on to place in my input box. While I have hundreds of shortcuts, some of them are definitely more used than others and it would be quicker to click on a button than type it.

That's all for now, I'm probably missing some and will try to add more when I think of it (if time allows it).