Hey everyone! 👋🏼

It's great to meet you! A bit about me:

- I run Operations at Magical. Basically that means that I'm in charge of pushing the payroll button, whizzing up models in spreadsheets, and looking at fun charts at all day
- I live in San Francisco but am originally from Toronto, Canada. Where my Canadians at?! 🇨🇦.
- I love the Magical app because I SAVE SO MUCH TIME! I misspell words often, so I use the Magical app as a pseudo spell check 📨
- My #1 goal for this community is to be able to provide a space for us to connect, whether it be hands on troubleshooting and support, or to learn tricks & tips from each other❣️
- On what I've recently learned about productivity: most workers are capable of a max of 5 hours of productive work a day; for knowledge workers it's 3 hours 🤯 (OK, so now I don't feel as bad when I go for that second coffee break). I'm curious, what does your "focus time" look like everyday?

Photo from a trip to New Zealand years ago (probably the most Magical place I've ever been!) 👇🏽