This might be common knowledge, but something I frequently use in my shortcuts is (very basic) HTML code.

You can add links:
<a href="">click here</a>

You can format text:

You can even adjust font size (makes signatures look clean & professional):
<font size="+1">larger text</font>
<font size="-1">smaller text</font>

Part of my job is drafting reports, so I use code to format my reports for structure & organization:
<hr> creates a line across the page (for separation)
<br> leaves a blank text line
<p>groups multiple lines of text together (useful for indenting only these lines without indenting the entire document)</p>

I also use shortcuts as a way to save & quickly use special characters:
;dot = •
;star = ★
;dia = ♢

I hope you all find these tips helpful!