I posted this in ZProduct Feedback and thought that posting it here would be a benefit as well.

"Good Morning All!

I hope all is well and everyone is off to a great start to their week.

I looked through a lot of the posts and didn't see anyone mention it. I don't want to repeat anything.

I would like to suggest a more streamlined and uncluttered layout and structure for the shortcut list. If anyone is like me, some shortcuts are extremely lengthy with information and resources, they make it difficult sometimes to scroll to the next shortcut or even see where everything is. I loved, and still love to this day, the labeling/categorizing concept and think that building on this idea would be highly beneficial.

I think that the shortcuts should be compacted/compressed to only show the Shortcut's Trigger, the Labels, the check box, "Share" and Trashcan, and the addition of a dropdown arrow/toggling feature on the top right of each shortcut that expands it. This would make the landing page look like a short and neat list.

A second idea to add would be a description box next to the Shortcut Trigger. This way, a person can identify the shortcut's content with a summary and not have to actually read through it.

The third idea concept that could tie all of this together is to have folders. for each label o that way, you can have a space for everything. I have more small-priority suggestions, but I will leave them since this is long enough. I apologize for the rudimentary photo editing and thank you Daniel Oliverio for the green box concept to illustrate changes.

Have a great rest of your days and week! Thanks!"