Question: I am trying to set up a variable called '-bd' which should pull info from LinkedIn profiles to an AirTable. It has been created on the AirTable website.

I get on AirTable and type the shortcut on a cell. It correctly opens up a pop-up with the options to be pulled from LinkedIn: (1) Full Name, (2) URL of the profile, (3) Job Title, (4) Company Name. These are both the LinkedIn variable names, and my AirTable column names. I type '/' twice and it correctly finds these 4 variables and I type them in. However, when I press Enter, nothing happens. The variable name '-bd' just ends up being written on the cell I wrote in.

Could someone help me understand why the 4 variables are not transmitting? I was thinking it might be appropriate to use the Transfer function instead but I can't get that to work at all. Thanks

Note: when I double click an AirTable cell and do the whole process, it actually works, but it puts all 4 variables into 1 cell (e.g. the Name cell has the Name, URL, Job Title, Company Name).