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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

How is Magical accelerating your productivity? Use this space to showcase your favorite Tips & Tricks for Magical! Remember, something that may seem super obvious to you, may be a huge benefit for a fellow Magician!

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Luke Bailey
Content Marketing MagicMaker
Hi everybody! 👋 My name's Luke, I just started this week at Magical on the marketing team. Here's a tip I discovered today for anyone like me who is still learning all the ins and outs — did you kno... (More)
General Badass
I can't be the only one eagerly awaiting Google Docs support - but in the meantime, turns out you can use Tools > Preferences > Substitutions to get your most basic/crucial expansions going ✨
I have recently been using Magical, amongst many, many other things, to autocomplete dates. For example, I use -[number] for months, such as -1 for January, and +[number] for days of the week, such as +3 for Wednesday, This way,... (More)
Operations - Twitch Esports
Here's my biggest tip:

Most words don't start with a semi-colon before them. Like ;this.

Format all your shortcuts with the semicolon! It's always under your pinkie without a shift key, and a quick way to put in stuff.