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Getting Started
Getting Started

Just getting started in the Magical Community? 

  1. Follow the Announcements topic 
  2. Introduce yourself by writing a post below! We want to get to know you :). Some prompts to get you started:  
    - What's your current role
    - Where are you currently located?
    - What's your favorite thing about working with Magical?
    - What are your top 1-2 goals for the community?
    - What have you learned recently about productivity?

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Introductions! Make a post in the Getting Started topic to help us get to know you better. Some fun questions for inspiration: - What is your current role? - Where are you currently located? - What's your favorite thing about... (More)
Hey guys, I'm Donaven. I'm a real estate agent, team lead, and IT director for our firm. We have offices in Tennessee and Indiana. I use Magical every few minutes throughout my day and the time is saves me is... (More)
Hello everyone! I'm Andrew, originally from Houston, TX 🚀 A bit about me: 🥖 Current Role: I'm Magical's newest growth engineering intern 📈 📍 Location: Philadelphia, PA 🔔 🪄 Magical's ~Magic~: No more searching for my favorite emoj... (More)
Hi all! I am very late in signing up here, but I've been using this extension for a bit over a year now, since it was just called "auto text expander." I work as a medical scribe, and this is... (More)