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Questions / Support
Questions / Support

Have questions or need support on using the product? This is the spot to get your questions answered by both Magical employees and your fellow Magical users! 

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Bug report. Magical extension is the root cause for typing obstruction in Google Apps Script editor. Whenever I try to utilize Google Apps Script (e.g. Google Sheets > Extension > Apps Script), some/most parts of the editor don't let me... (More)
Text Variables is awesome! I do have a question. Is there a way to edit these ones you create new text variables (date, name, etc.)?
Hello, will you all please help me figure this out? I have a shortcut to type the following information into a LinkedIn connection box: Hey {First Name}! Happy New Year! I’d love to connect, & might you be interested in... (More)
how do I add Magical to Opera browser?