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Questions / Support
Questions / Support

Have questions or need support on using the product? This is the spot to get your questions answered by both Magical employees and your fellow Magical users! 

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I have ONE shortcut that is no longer working. On my chromebook I can't get this letter: ù (u with an 'accent grave'); so I created a shortcut but pasting in an ù from somewhere else. It no longer makes... (More)
Good morning! I have some issues about this software. Practically there're some of variables that it's not working currently. As an example, I've a shortcut that it's for rescheduling and I install and uninstall, desactivated and activated again, and deleted... (More)
Hello! I'm trying to setup a Transfer for sending all info from LinkedIn profiles to a Notion database. I am able to do it manually but I cannot get Magical to remember how all the variables are filled in and... (More)
DropDown Variables

Is there a way to have a list of variable options to be able to choose the variable from a limited list of options instead of a need to type the variable in a textbox?