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Questions / Support
Questions / Support

Have questions or need support on using the product? This is the spot to get your questions answered by both Magical employees and your fellow Magical users! 

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Hello, guys. I was using magical just fine until this afternoon, I turned off my computer, went to my break, and came back, and it suddenly stopped working. It seems like it has gotten updated. Working without magical has been... (More)
I've just started using magical and it works like a charm! I'm curious - how does magical calculate the time saved? It's a really nifty feature, but as someone who just started using the tool, I'm not entirely convinced about... (More)
Can it be used with Monday CRM? Its transferring feature is working fine with sheets but not with Monday. If we can then what is the best way to do it. Thanks
Is adding a recipient and subject on gmail using a shortcut a feauture that will come to magical in the future?