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🚨ANNOUNCING TEXT VARIABLES!! 🚨 Do you have "XXXX" or "____" in your shortcuts as placeholders for names, totals, or any other information that you fill in after expanding your shortcut? Now, you can add text variables in your shortcuts ... (More)
Magical Pro Beta is just a few more days from launch! Check out the video below to see all the features you'll be able to access soon :) If you signed up for our beta program, keep an eye out... (More)
The Magical Team got together (safely) this week for the first time at a company retreat in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada! 🇨🇦🥳💪 We've been working hard on: 🎉Putting together our upcoming Variables release (sign up for the beta now!! (More)
We are dropping Rich Text Editors to you, our founding Magicians! Like the post and we'll give you access to the latest feature, that will eventually come to the rest of the user base. Shout out to Matthew N. for... (More)