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Emily OkeowoFounding Magician
Customer Support Agent
Asked a question last year

Would anyone else benefit from using Magical via mobile, ex. within apps?

Roma C. Founding Magician
I've thought about this, but then I'm wondering how easy it would be to type the shortcut on mobile. I guess it depends on your shortcut keys.
Kal Vorpahl Founding Magician
A lot of mobile phones already have a text-expanding feature built into the settings, but it would be great if I could log in and use the same account for my phone and mobile so I didn't have add information both places.
Donaven Founding Magician
My phone can do this already, but keeping them in sync is the issue... I need a way to enter it in Magic, and have it sync to my phone, it would be priceless!
Megan Reif Dyfvermark
Yes... I have been desperately seeking this feature from many apps for years. It's the reason I haven't committed to any. I have to manually save clips and use the same labels in SwiftKey that I use in a PC /browser based Text Expander but lost all of them when upgrading to a new phone, so switched to Clipto but it's not as functional from the PC side. Please prioritize this.

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