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Asked a question last year

So what books are you guys reading?

Where am I?

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I'm not a big reader, but I just finished The Chair on Netflix with Sandra Oh! 

Me: The Tyranny of Merit by Michael J. Sandel and "To the Lighthouse" by Virgínia woolf

I'm a bookworm, but I've been in a funk the past few months. Been slowly making my way through The Lies of Locke Lamora right now.

Some standouts this year:
Fantasy→ The Fifth Season trilogy by NK Jemisin
Fiction→ Telephone by Percival Everett
Non-fiction → Uncanny Valley by Anna Weiner

Jordan Birkbeck
Technical Customer Support Specialist

I'm actually the opposite of @Zach Piepmeyer22 - I've never been a bookworm, but I'm trying my best to get into reading more, and (at least for now) it's working. The books I'm reading at the moment are:

  • Fiction: The Red Rising Saga182 by Pierce Brown - really great Sci-Fi series for those who were fans of Dune or Hunger Games. Not really a hardcore Sci-Fi book, but it's a lot of fun.
  • Non-Fiction: Atomic Habits25 by James Clear - super interesting book on how little habit changes can lead to large scale shifts in your daily routine. 
  • Non-Fiction 2 (since I'm actually starting another one at the moment): Just Enough Research25 by Erika Hall - as someone who's aspiring to move into a User Research role, I'm really excited to get into the bulk of this one.

Hopefully I manage to stick it out - I've found that having multiple books on the go actually really helps me with sticking to reading. It means I don't have to push through fiction on nights where I feel like non-fiction.