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Asked a question 11 months ago

How can we edit/remove some of the default text variables?

Harpaul Sambhi MagicMaker
MJ Chinworth I'd love to know what are you striving to accomplish. Are the default variables not contextual for what you are doing, or would you like your own variables to show up first? Love to learn more insight here! Tx
MJ Chinworth
Hello! I would like my own variables to show up first, and not display irrelevant default variables. For my purposes, Company Name/Job Title/Availability are not useful. Do they get auto-formatted in a specific way? Like does telephone get changed to xxx-xxx-xxxx? Otherwise, it should just offer you to set up your own variables after showing 1 or 2 suggestions. Thanks for responding!
MJ Chinworth super insightful! They are not auto-formatted so this definitely makes sense. We'll take this into consideration for our next iterations, thanks for helping us improve as always :)
Laurie Langston
Any new information? Can I rename the default variable (repurpose them if they can not be removed) - It is frustrating to have the ones I need at the bottom
Hey Laurie Langston - sorry about the frustration! We haven't started working on this but will be adding a way to sort placeholders by recently used in the near future. Will be keeping you updated!

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Hey @MJ Chinworth27 - right now we don’t support editing or removing text variables, but you can always add new ones that better encapsulate what you’re looking for!