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Asked a question 2 years ago

Besides the obvious answer, what chrome extensions are most helpful to you?

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I'll start, for me it would be:

Streak - CRM for Gmail
Clipboard History Pro
Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder
Chrome Remote Desktop

Lorenzo AlaliFounding Magician
☁ Salesforce Administrator & Business Systems Analyst
  • ColumnCopy316 (copy tables or specific column of a table from a webpage without carrying the annoying formatting)
  • Jason Savard255's extensions for Gmail and Calendar
  • Grammarly110 especially as a non-native English speaker
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials112
  • Salesforce Colored Favicons240 as a Salesforce admin
  • cheating as not a Chrome extension, but an incredibly productive hack that all Magical power users would love: Ditto160 or CopyQ141 to manage several clipboard entries, keeping history, and using shortcuts to paste the favorite ones (a bit like Magical but accross all the OS) at lightning speed (eg. for email address, postal address, full name, job title, etc.)

Dark Reader is a must for me, most websites don't have a dark mode.  Though it doesn't work great everywhere, this is where the next one comes in.

Stylus, which I use very often (I heavily modified Intercom's CSS to look darker and nicer).

Redirect Path is a very useful extension I use for debugging website's redirections (quite useful in my job).

And finally Grammarly would be the last extension I'm currently using for productivity. Though I don't have a lot of love towards Grammarly due to not being super accurate, though the pros outweigh the cons, in my opinion.

For me, it's Dark Reader. I have a difficult time staring at websites with bright white backgrounds all day, so an all-in-one dark mode for the entire internet is a life (& eye) saver!

Loom is one of my favorites!

Lastpass, Extensity (to turn off some of the many extensions), Loom, and Toby (to organize  tabs)

At my company, we have a tool called SnipIt as a Chrome extension which I've found super helpful to easily take quick screenshots and annotate it for sharing with a coworker with just a url. Not sure if there's a comparable publicly available tool out there. Another popular one is a screenrecording extension to make gifs or videos you can share.