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Isaac YapFounding Magician
CS Operation Manager
Asked a question 6 months ago

A few thoughts: 1. Can we have the tags filtered by "untagged" as well? 2. Would it be possible for us to sort our shortcuts? (via length, popularity, tags and etc) 3. Maybe it could be cool to make this place even livelier by adding the link to the community to the magical shortcut page? 4. When we type open the list of shortcuts, can it be sorted by tags? (I think right now it's sort by popularity or last u used but that's not entirely helpful when I know I keep my list of shortcuts clean and all of them should be in used.)

Where am I?

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Hi Isaac! These are such great suggestions. 

  1. This sounds interesting! Is there a reason you would leave these untagged instead of tagging them? CC-ing our designer @Zach Piepmeyer11 for input. 
  2. We are aware of requests to add shortcut adding and are looking to build it out! Are length, popularity and tags sorts that you would find most helpful? 
  3. In our newest update we have opened up community access to all Magical users! If you don't see it already in your workspace sidebar, you should see it dropping soon :) 
  4. You are current! Sorting in the dropdown is currently by last recently used. I'll definitely let the team know that sorting by other factors would be helpful as well! Would you like to be able to filter by tags in the dropdown, or have them be pre-sorted?