(Non-native English speaker warning) Hello Magicians!!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at Magical. Especially Harpaul Sambhi Magical helps me so much, every day. .....

Not only, boost my productivity. But allow me to focus on what matters. –Magical is just super ADHD-friendly s2.

I changed careers amid the pandemic. For an extremely operational and agile-oriented role.

From Tourism/travel to Marketplace/e-commerce.
Which, I do have the skills: analytical, sense urgency, etc.

But I'm not that good at being fast on the keyboard. (also because I do love making sure everything is right before hit "sent/enter"). Precaution is my strongest skill but also my weakness. Magical SOLVED this problem.

Magical was one of the best things that happened to me (Really). I know, I am very competent and dedicated, and capable. But is hard to show without metrics of productivity.

It made my life better and adds value.
I love the logo, the font, the idea, the functionality, the colors. Magical is just perfect.

1000x thank you.