🎉Magical 3.4.4 has been launched!

✅Onboarding Checklist
Not a Magical expert yet? Follow the checklist on the right of your workspace to help you get the most out of Magical!

📧Share by Email
Want to pass on the magic? Share the Magical app or any of your shortcuts direct to your coworkers' and friends' inboxes!

💪Magical Pro Beta
In our Magical Beta? Head over to the Magical Pro Beta group in the community! If you aren't apart of the group, please request to join 😎

Not seeing the updates? Head over to your chrome://extensions page and toggle on Developer Tools (top right) to check your version. Hit Update (top left) to get the latest if you're not on 3.4.4.

Not part of the beta but want to be? Join the waitlist: www.getmagical.com/beta-waitlist