Hi 👋

I'm Harpaul, the founder of Magical!

I personally love Magical because I have so many common phrases that I use (e.g. Zoom link, LinkedIn URL, Calendly link, to commonly asked questions for support, to sales and recruiting phrases that I use). I probably use Magical about ~100 times a day!

My top goals are to
1) learn from you and see how you are leveraging Magical and

2) understand how you do work to make you more efficient! This community is really here for you, to ensure you have a strong voice (all walks of life welcomed!) to guide us in building features and product for you!

In terms of recent productivity, I've been reading a lot about sleep hacks, and can't wait to try them. I've also been using Chrome Apps like Loom quite a bit, as it's been helping me communicate with users and colleagues effectively.

In terms of my one magic trick I'd love to learn, it's got to be anything David Blaine!