Hello! Since the last version of Magical, I'm assuming from a few days ago, I have found a few bugs:
- The original format of a copied text gets pasted onto the shortcut pop-up, and onto the final result on the email, when before, the original format got cleared and the new format (standard, or other format if it was pre-selected on the shortcut) was automatically applied (please see attached photos)
- There are quite a few missing avariables in the "variable catalog" when you create a new shortcut (they haven't disappeared from old shortcuts that included these missing variables)
- When you have a shortcut with manual variables (that you need to fill in manually) and autofilled variables (from another website), on the autofilled variables, when you select which data should appear in this specific instance (when I have several tabs open of the same website) —when I select the correct option, the shortcut automatically applies: the pop-up window shuts down and the shortcut gets applied on the email, even if unfinished.

Could you please look into it, and let us know when it has been solved? Thank you.