Happy Friyay!! To those who liked the past post, we have now made rich-text editing available to you. In order for it to appear, you need to do a trick.

1. Visit https://www.getmagical.com/help/rich-text-shortcuts
2. Let is load and close the page (you don't need to read it)
3. Go to your shortcuts page, (if it's open, just refresh it).

Any new or existing shortcut will have the option. When you click into it, you will see a button marked "T".

Feedback would be great! And as always, we can switch you back if needed.

If you still want in, like the original post! https://community.getmagical.com/post/we-are-dropping-rich-text-editors-to-you-our-founding-magicians-like-the-po--60aeddea955b597af22ff334

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