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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

How is Magical accelerating your productivity? Use this space to showcase your favorite Tips & Tricks for Magical! Remember, something that may seem super obvious to you, may be a huge benefit for a fellow Magician!

💚 Did you know Magical shortcuts can support images? Just upload your images elsewhere and insert with HTML! 1️⃣ Upload your image somewhere on the web. Imgur works great! 2️⃣ Get the image URL - for Imgur, click the ... (More)
Hello, I was wondering if a near future, you would add the possibiliy to call a variable automatically, like if I assign a short names +email to call a variable "EmailFromTab2", it would "automatically" fullfill with the choosen email. At... (More)
FOUNDING MAGICIAN SPOTLIGHT! 🎉 Michelle Jimenez's most time saving trick: Using keyboard keys (tab & enter) between her Magical shortcuts in her emails so she never has to touch her mouse! Send emails in just a few seconds 💪👀💯 Mich... (More)