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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

How is Magical accelerating your productivity? Use this space to showcase your favorite Tips & Tricks for Magical! Remember, something that may seem super obvious to you, may be a huge benefit for a fellow Magician!

I guess I'll break the ice and post here. For meetings with customers (I work in Customer Success/ Sales), I've been using Magical to format my meeting notes and setup prompts. It's basic but really helpful in taking notes. For... (More)
HAPPY MONDAY! Did you know you can search your shortcuts by tag now?? 😎

Try this out by hitting // and typing the name of any of your tags! You should see the shortcuts filter out in the dropdown
Hey all! I just wanted to provide some feedback that may or may not already have been said. I am quite busy, so I apologize for not being as active on here. However, I absolutely LOVE the "//" shortcut that... (More)