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Questions / Support
Questions / Support

Have questions or need support on using the product? This is the spot to get your questions answered by both Magical employees and your fellow Magical users!Ā 

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I'd like to have "Morning" or "Afternoon" populated in an email shortcut depending on if it is AM or PM. Any thoughts on if I could use the source code to add in an IF function to support that?
Is itIs is possible to add information contained in the "contact" section of a LinkedIn profile as a variable?
When I go to add a shortcut, a box pops up with Tips and is blurred and constantly flickering. Also I noticed after I removed previous shortcuts and added new ones, my old descriptions will sometimes come up. I have... (More)
We need a shortcut to insert text in a Gmail subject then tab into the body and insert additional text. I don't see any options to do this. Please advise.