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Questions / Support
Questions / Support

Have questions or need support on using the product? This is the spot to get your questions answered by both Magical employees and your fellow Magical users!Ā 

Also check out our help center for more information.

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Hey Nick! Magical has not yet built out support for Google Docs yet, but that's weird that it stopped working on Gmail! Can you confirm that it's still not working on Gmail, and if so, can you answer a few... (More)

I've been using Magical for several months now, but suddenly, i can not access to the platform nor use the shortcuts, is there a way to access again?
How do you add color to shortcut content? It says you can add it but I don't see the option anywhere.
we installed "Magical" on our computer and it is working perfect except of with Salesforce - it sometimes working and sometime it isn't. also - there is no consistence with which short-cut are not working. did any one had this... (More)